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Is rasi sandhi and bhava sandhi is applicable to the longitude of lagna also? What are the effects of rasi and bhava sandhi? In other words how it impacts the behavior of planet in sandhi? I have attached three birth details for your reference and possible explanation. Location : 76E42; 12N Please observe the longitude of Mars 2. Please observe the longitude of Saturn.

Sandhi is always a junction point where some thing begins and the other one ends. In a zodiacal system when 12 signs exist in a continuity,the effect of the sign continues till 5 degrees raises in other sign. A sign based on lonitudes has 30 degrees.

MID CUSP in Vedic Astrology

The first 5 degrees deg and the last 5 deg deg are commencement and ending points. The effect the lords of the signs as well as the signs on their own indicate no doubt depend on longitudes. Where as bhava has a different implication commencing 1 house known to be raising at the time of birth if termed as Ascendant the bahva previous to that is 12th bhava.

Understanding Bhava Chart with an example

The influnce bhava is said to be most at bahva madhya a statistical derivative dependent on the degrees at wahich Ascendant is raising and the rest of the bahvas follow the pattern. Accordingly the planets,that are in zodiacal system based on their longitudes influnence the bahvas.

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Planets aligning with bahvamadhya are supposed to give good results. Accordingly planets in the orbit of 10 to 20degrees give best results s per our classical texts. The state of planet is the indication of the potency with which the planets can exert influnce in the house loacted also the house aspects as well. These are finer points of vedic jyotish and in every chart these distinctions based on longitudes have to be considered minutelt as the effect of bahva depends on bahva madhya. A chlit chakra also known as bhava chakra holds importance for judgement.

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Accordingly there are bahavas lagna,pancham and Navam which every one tries to know the strength of these houses for their importance in janma chakrs. Also the concept of interlinking bahvas with one another arises bhavat bahva concept to gauze the influnce of various bhavas from one before 12th and the one after. This becomes more crucial as we consider the position of moon as it is the rasi. Rasi beyond any doubt has the implication of constellation in a zodiacal system as all nakshtras are in the zodiacal belt.

As far as the specific case cited by you need study and analysis for delineation which certainly provide material for athorough understanding. Dear Krishnan Sir,Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.

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Clear editor. It is always advisable that whenever one is trying to analyse a horoscope for any particular Bhava and for diluting or enhancing the results of that bhava, one should always keep in mind the mid cusp of that bhava and the lord of that degree. Bhava Sandhi.


One has also to see that planets are not placed in Bhava Sandhi or cusps of the houses. Bhava Sandhi planets tend to lose their characteristic strength in a horoscope though they may be exalted or otherwise powerfully placed. In order to give maximum benefit to its full potential a planet should be placed in Bhava Madhayama Center of the house. Results if planets placed in Bhava Sandhi.

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Bhava Sandhi planets, if malefic and owner of malefic houses will give good results. Bhava Madhayama represented by lagna lord, benefics may not give the required benefic results. It does not mean that they will not give good results. What is meant here is they are empowered to give best of the results in diluted form. They get hampered in some ways. Due to this, they are in capable of giving their maximum potential results. Write a comment. June Write a comment Comments: 0.