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The New Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday will ask you to locate your highest, most service-oriented intentions and make them a reality over the next six months. Put fear aside and get to it.

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Capricorn season officially begins on December 21 at a. That way, you can begin Capricorn season with full emotional and mental availability. By the end of the week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus will collide in Capricorn. This is pivotal. With this alignment, your romantic and financial contexts will be filled with wonderful possibilities.

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The New Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday wants you to keep your perspective optimistic and focus on identifying your highest expression within a friendship. At the end of the week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus join in Capricorn and your inquiry into healing begins. Your career dreams are fiiinally coming true! That resistance ends this week!

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Throughout the last Sagittarius-ruled month, Aries bbs were nudged to reconsider the beliefs that inspire them. Do it!

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Green light go, Aries! By the end of this busy week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus will move into Capricorn, which will cause an integrity check on your career pursuits. The universe has presented you with truths on intimacy, power struggles, and sexuality. Problems straighten out and answers or news you've been waiting for arrive, helping clear the path for better decisions and forward motion as the year comes to a close. Conversations or situations that left you stumped in November can start to make sense this month.

Some ideas may be scrapped while others pick up the pace.

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Certainly, your work and daily affairs can be exhausting at times, and there is a stronger and necessary focus on these things, but you're also finding the time to pursue other interests and activities that help nourish your soul and inspire you to reach higher. You have more courage to try new things, and you're strongly motivated to learn, grow, improve, share, and connect.

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This can be a time for discovering a new passion or interest, or you could be rekindling an exciting project or study. Either way, you're enthusiastic. Due to Mercury's recent retrograde in your work and health sector and current retrograde in your pleasure zone until the 6th, slowing down in the first week of the month makes sense.

Look at past projects for ideas and inspiration and focus on editing and improving. After this date, and especially beyond the 12th, you're in an excellent position to get work done and focus on health goals. Conversations or initiatives that stalled in November can regain momentum as blocks clear and delays or restrictions lift this month.

Look for opportunities to grow and expand your skills, a business, or project and improve your self-care programs. Your romantic or creative life is brighter and happier, and you get special help from Venus who spends virtually all of December in harmony with your sign, boosting your appeal and personal confidence, and perhaps winning you some admirers, too.

Mars is encouraging you to broaden your horizons this month. Restlessness can sometimes pull you away and distract you, especially on the and , but overall you're in a good position to balance your focus on routine and responsibility with your attention to discovery and exploration. Listen to your intuition on the 7th when ideas for the future can be golden.

Horoscopes: Are They Legit?

You may not know all the details just yet, but that's just fine--with the New Moon in Sagittarius and Mars aligned with Neptune, it's more about the vision now. All of this hype got me thinking, is it really telling the truth?

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How does this all work? So I did some research on the matter and here is what I found. Astrology is the study of the stars based on religion and science.

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Some of the earliest humans would attempt to relate their lives, and other factors of life to the stars in the sky. The belief is that the alignment of the stars and the moon affects how people born at different times feel and the path of their life. The astrological system is based on weather and seasons.

These people soon realized that the weather, and formation of the stars, affected people's lives in different ways. From what I have read, astrology is about going through the parallel of the season, weather pattern, and the stars alignment with the planets, and they take these signs to create ways in how it can affect each zodiac's personal life. Horoscopes are very fun to read and relate to your life, but it depends on where your source is if you want it to be completely true.