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Listening is a skill to use and this includes reading between the lines and observing body languages. While in Libra, paying attention to mixed signals sent by loved ones or those in the workplace where conversations need to be had to clarify matters of interest to you. The Hermit card is a sign that you ought to take time to think before speaking and let yourself remain in tune with your feelings rather than flying off the cuff answers without preparing your thoughts or ideas too soon. Taurus, listen to your body. Your body may tell you what it needs from you today.

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Some extra water, rest, good food, or just a little break from the norm to begin to transition into a weekend filled with activities and interests. You may need to take extra precautions for your personal wants this weekend too.

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The Justice tarot card is a sign to be intuitively guided and trust your inner voice at all times. Gemini, happiness can be just around the corner. Play games and have fun with friends socializing. Take a light-hearted approach to the day and don't be afraid to cut loose at the end of the workday.

December 28th Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

The Hanged Man may show you are waiting to be invited to do something fun, but instead of waiting for things to happen to you, be the one to initiate your life in the way you want it to be lived. Take charge. Cancer, home is where you hang your hat. You may find yourself evaluating things from all sorts of angles.

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From the authority figures in your life to how you want your home to feel when you walk in through the door. The Fool tarot card indicates that you may or may not be as aware as you think you have been. Take time to look around and truly assess your life again before the weekend is over. You may realize a truth that needs to be fine tuned once again, and it can help you set things on a high note before the 1st of January.

Leo, what you speak out can become the truth you live.

Speak positive words. Be hopeful. Avoid negative persons and those who may not have anything nice to say at this time. You are prepared to be creative and inventive with the future you are building. Surround yourself with winning messages that open the world to you in a new way. They are filled with self-confidence and can withstand their share of disappointments.

Love and Compatibility for December 28 Zodiac

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December 25 Birthday Astrology. December 28 Birthday Astrology. Friends and Lovers People born on this date have a great capacity for friendship. They understand.

Personality and character

Capricorn Information for December SP: Inveroak. An animal-loving neighbour could be a great love interest if you are single. With a partner? You must keep talking. Pluto shakes up a family situation and your new approach makes life sweeter for everyone involved.

Passion raises a difficult multiple-choice question. Go for the one who makes you laugh the most. The stubborn moon sets up tricky circumstances but you can rise above them and truly be yourself.


If you are single, when Venus circles a face in a celebration photo, you can sense the potential.