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The supermoon eclipse on 21 st is in your own sign, which indicates love and partnership have your attention. The new you that is emerging has different priorities in a relationship, so its about redefining what is now important. The new moon eclipse on 6 th is a doorway into new creative projects or ambition, so whatever you like to pour your heart and soul into is stepping up to new levels now or in weeks and months to come.

The powerful new moon eclipse on the 6 th is in your chart of home and family. Eclipses have long-term impact, so events around that time tend to carry significance. This one speaks of preparation and plans for new foundations, new structure, and new beginnings. January is not without its challenges, especially mid-month, but that helps you reassess priorities and find a new sense of balance too, especially in relationships which are benefitting from much more open communication and discussion. Full moon eclipse on 21 st is about balancing more play and less work; and being willing to risk stepping into new territory, just for the adventure.

Events revolving around communication or information might be a theme of the first one, bringing great new opportunities to move things step by step to success via dialogue and discussion. Events seem designed to bring out both your ultra-practical side and your wild adventurous spirit.

January 16, 1994 Birthday Facts

A powerful eclipse on the 6 th grounds you in reality, totally into the mood to sort things finances in particular , and make a plan for later. As the month goes on you keep the discipline to stick to New Year resolutions, but you also have this untameable nature that insists on doing things that you probably need to make resolutions about afterwards. Rather than keep that side of you in check, keep things in perspective instead, especially midmonth and around the supermoon eclipse time on 21 st , as the urge is strong to over-reach, or to leap too far on faith alone.

The supermoon eclipse on 21 st might be one of those times. Early January is a lesson in going with the flow; meaning this is not the time to push against your own desire to clear the clutter, define some boundaries and limits, and enjoy the sense of new commitments and responsibilities. Maybe not overnight, but quicker than things have been moving recently. A new moon eclipse on the 6 th is bringing new or renewed friendship. It also speaks of finding the right crowd on your wavelength; those you resonate with and share the same values.

Eclipses are long-term influences, so this runs from January to weeks or months ahead. You might not know all the details of your vision for yet, but you know the value of patience and preparation. Posted by Barbara Palliser at pm No comments:. Friday, December 07, December Horoscopes. Last horoscopes of , and today 7th is the annual new moon in Sagittarius. Mercury moves forward again now too, after communication has been New moon is always a fresh start though, and this one might be the start of a whole new chapter. The answer is maybe a spiritual path, or learning something that feeds your soul, rather than just provides a qualification.

December might bring back some unfinished business from September or November, but this time there are solutions coming with it, especially in relationships and partnerships. The new moon on 7 th is about stepping forward into new territory, despite the uncertainty of the unknown. Around winter solstice time on 21 st , under a nurturing and nourishing full moon, is a good example of this. Mercury your ruling planet is moving forward from 6 th , which means you are too, maybe with a refreshed or re-inspired approach to some problem situations, and perhaps delays or obstacles lift and smooth out.

This coincides with a new moon in your relationship chart on 7 th , which is a powerful sign of new beginnings in love or career in coming weeks, but especially around solstice time on 21 st , when union and partnership are the main themes. Unfinished business from a few months ago might return to be resolved as December opens, maybe linked to home or family, or maybe to creative projects that seemed to stall or move backwards for a time.

New moon on 7 th in your chart of health and fitness might mean you start early with some new year resolutions, as this moon activates your sensible side and problem-solving skills and sees any challenge as an adventure. On 22 nd the annual full moon in your sign is about you and your relationships for the rest of the year, where certain situations are coming to a head, while other situations are coming to fulfilment.

Home and family matters that were stuck or at stalemate in previous months have a real chance of being sorted during December. Meanwhile, the sun is energising your chart of creativity, fun and enjoyment for much of the month, which means all artistic endeavours, creative projects and entertainment will energise and enliven you.

Romance is also part of this, and new moon on the 7 th indicates new beginnings or a turnaround for matters of the heart, especially around winter solstice time on 21 st.

From 22 nd you have your practical and sensible head on, yet your intuition still inspires inventive solutions just when you need them. Home and family are an important focus for you this month, with a new moon of new beginnings in this area of your chart on the 7 th. At the same time, your ruling planet Mercury moves forward again after weeks of taking backward steps, so the sense of looking forward to the future is tangible at this time, with perhaps a literal change of direction in certain situations. Full moon on 22 nd heightens the emotions and opens the door to more fun, friendship and good times.

Expect the unexpected as the month opens, as well as some unfinished business from early September or November, perhaps linked to finances or income. This time there are solutions arriving with it. A new moon in your communication chart on 7 th indicates new talks and discussions during December that lay foundations of future plans. Also, delays end on sending or receiving communication or information, especially around winter solstice time, when communication and travel is extremely positive indeed.

Focus moves to home and family at that time, and the full moon on 22 nd is all about carving out some comfort zone time. What was left unfinished or delayed back in September or November might be cleared and dealt with this month, especially after new moon on 7 th , which is all about new income and resources over the next few weeks. Around winter solstice time on 21 st brings a bit of luck and good fortune, maybe a windfall, or maybe some doors open on new horizons.

The annual new moon in your sign on 7th is like your personal new year. There might be some new directions or a change in direction at that time too. Solstice time on 21 st , is also about change and renewal, with a focus on your finances, purchases and income. Sun moves into your sign on 21 st , and an emotional full moon on 22 nd is about balancing or changing priorities in your most important relationships.

Unfinished business from September or November might be return and be resolved this month. You have learned a lot since certain ongoing situations started, so your wisdom of experience is the game changer.

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New moon on 7 th is about friendship, groups and gatherings. Winter solstice time, around 21 st , is very much about doors opening for this. The full moon also at that time is about taking care of you, not just everyone else. Monday, November 05, November Horoscopes. New and exciting journeys await, as Jupiter moves to your travel and education chart from the 8 th , for the next year.

Jupiter is about broadening horizons, learning and growing, as well as your faith and belief system. Mercury Retrograde, the Sun, and Jupiter are together for the final week of November. A rare line-up, which is likely to coincide with faith being rewarded in powerful and significant ways.

Something that has simmered for months is reaching readiness around 7 th , during a deep and meaningful new moon in your partnership chart. Maybe linked to work, maybe love, maybe both. On 8 th Jupiter, planet of wisdom, faith, and good fortune, moves to your chart of trust and transformation for the next year, meaning a journey of change and uncertainty will feel more like an adventure than ever.

This might be most tangible during final week, when a rare line-up of planets shows meaningful meetings and positive moves are on the horizon. So much going on this month, mostly focusing around relationship and partnership. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from 17 th , so the past is meeting present in other significant ways too.

Full moon in your sign on 23 rd might end stuck situations, and final week, especially around 27 th is about soulmate meetings and destined unions. A new moon of new potential on the 7 th is nurturing your creative projects and helping whatever you pour your heart into to come to fruition in coming weeks and months. From 8 th , Jupiter, planet of opportunity, positivity, and increase, moves to your chart of daily schedules, occupation, health and fitness for the next year. It can mean moving jobs or promotions, or a more supportive atmosphere at work. Certain relationships, contracts or agreements, have had ongoing issues with no resolution for a long time, but this month might bring communication that finalises issues or opens a new chapter.

A new moon in your home and family chart on 7 th means positive change and transformation there, and from 8 th , Jupiter, the planet of faith, confidence and opportunity, moves to your chart of creativity and romance for the next year. It means Jupiter will open, expand and develop your creative potential, and restore faith in matters of the heart. Fun, entertainment and good times are likely to increase too, starting with the final week of November. New contacts, conversation and information are likely to be important. Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansion is moving into your chart of home and family from the 8 th , for the next year.

Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from 17 th and stands next to the sun and Jupiter for final week. This is a rare and significant alignment that might bring memorable events linked to reconnecting with family or the past, renewing or expanding home, or moving key relationships forward. November is a pivotal month of new starts, changes in direction, and patience rewarded. Jupiter, planet of expansion and good fortune, moves to your communication chart from 8 th , for the next year. Faith and patience in relationships might be rewarded around this time too especially linked to events early October when Venus moves forward from 16 th.

Final week has a rare meeting of planets that means important meetings and conversations for you where you shine your light bright. The annual new moon in your sign on the 7 th is like a personal new year for you, so November is like a blank slate for new intentions. On the 8 th , Jupiter, planet of faith and optimism, moves to your income and ownership chart for the next year.

Jupiter is traditionally about good fortune and luck, so keep the faith and self-belief high to get the best out of it. Events around 22 nd and especially 27 th might give you an indication of how this energy is working for you. Jupiter is your ruling planet and it arrives in your sign on 8th to stay for the next year. Jupiter is the planet of plenty; it traditionally brings good fortune and increase, as well as a broadening of horizons through travel and learning also a broadening of the waistline perhaps as this is a planet all about enjoying the good life.

The sun moves into your sign on 22 nd , under the light of a fulfilling full moon for relationships, and end of month looks interesting with Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury retrograde in your sign, perhaps indicating faith being restored. From the 8 th , for the next year, Jupiter, planet of faith, belief, and good fortune, is in your chart of destiny, fate, and going with the flow.

It means surrendering to the positive perspective of a situation and faith rewarded for doing so. Final week of November is powerfully all about this. There are a few situations that have been rumbling on for too long without resolution or answers, but you might see light at the end of the tunnel during November. On 8 th , Jupiter, planet of faith, increase, and abundance, moves to your chart of friendship, groups, and gatherings, for the next year. Events during final week of November powerfully opens you to all this. Jupiter, planet of opportunity and increase, is moving into your career and ambition chart this month, for the next year.

Friday, October 05, Venus Retrograde October From October 5 th until November 15 th , planet Venus is retrograde, which speaks of transformation, rebirth and reunion for all relationships, but especially love and romance. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio until late October, so the mood is deep, intense, passionate and mysterious.

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Scorpio is focused on what lies beneath the surface, what treasure is hidden underneath appearances; what thoughts and feelings are really going on deep down. Venus in Scorpio situations are like the proverbial iceberg, with only the tip visible while underneath there is a whole lot more going on that is hidden away from view.

Scorpio-style relationship dynamics can be tricky at the best of times, with issues around trust, intimacy, control, and unknown territory. From the dark night of the soul, Scorpio moves us to the light at the end of tunnel. The new moon in Libra which happens around 9 th October, depending on time zone, is the most relationship focused moon of New moons are about new beginnings and a great time to set intentions for the future. A new moon in Libra is all about new beginnings for love and partnership with new intentions for balance and harmony within, and with others.

Planet Venus ruler of Libra is in a rare dance of union and reunion with planet Mars during this retrograde phase. These two planets represent the masculine and feminine nature, the yin and yang which is in us all, and balanced perfectly through the Libra scales of fairness, equality and justice. They have always too many worries even though there is no reason for them.

If you are born on January 8, you may be annoyed by many things in your environment. Also, these people are taking care of their own lives and they avoid interfering too much in the lives of other people. Now you will see something about love life and love compatibility of people born under January 8 zodiac sign. If you are a person who is born under January 8 zodiac sign, then you are a loyal person and you are completely devoted to your partner. You are romantic and reliable person and you would like to have a partner who has the same traits as you. When you are in a relationship, you love sincerity and emotional people.

For you it is most important to have support from your partner. If you are someone who is in love with someone born on January 8, then you have to be trustworthy and sincere. Also, you should have in mind that someone who is born on January 8 will wait the right moment to enter a relationship. It is also important to mention that people born under January 8 zodiac sign can be unpredictable sometimes. Also, it may not be easy to understand these people. If you are a Capricorn born on January 8, it means that your partner has to be patient with you and give you support whenever you need it.

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When it comes to numbers, the astrology says that people born on January 8 are usually compatible with someone who is born on the 1st, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22th or 28th. It is also important to say that people who have birthday on January 8 get on well with people whose zodiac signs are Virgo or Taurus. These zodiac signs have similar visions of life and similar opinions about everything.

These relationships can be also very successful even though Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs. But, there is a warning for you if you are born on January 8. According to the astrology, you should avoid being in a relatonship with someone who has a Sagittarius as a zodiac sign. These relationships are usually not successful, so you should avoid any kind of a relationship with Sagittarius. We have already mentioned that people born on January 8 possess great creative energy and determination, which means that they usually achieve all their goals in life.

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People born under January 8 zodiac sign are usually very successful in their jobs and they have great careers. People who are born on January 8 are usually very successful in business and research.

January 6 Capricorn Personality

Also, they can make great success in science and writing and there are many famous Capricorns who made great careers in these fields. Due to your communiacation skills and sociability, you can be successful in psychology, as well as in politics. It is also interesting to mention that many Capricorns born on January 8 are successful musicians and later you will have the opportunity to see something more about famous people who are born on January 8. Even though people born on January 8 are very successful and devoted to their careers, it is also important to say that these people are also dedicated to their families.

They are ready to give great attention to their emotional partners and children, so they are always feeling loved and protected. Now you will have the opportunity to see which symbols are considered to be lucky for people born on January 8. Tlc january 8 astrology.

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The zodiac sign for January 8 is Capricorn. Lucky color According to your birthday personality, your connections with your family are powerful. Previous Astrology january 6 gemini or gemini.