Cancer horoscope born february 13

The Water sign brigade are ALL about feelings- they catch them a lot. Pisces isn't one of them though hello Cancer!

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Pisces though is a total melt. The zodiac's fish is ruled by the planet Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea and all watery depths, and is like the magician of the solar system - representing illusion, imagination, creativity and bewitchment. Neptune holds sway over a mixed bag of human activity e. Crumbs, Pisces, you've got a LOT of hobbyist options there To get an idea of the classic Pisces personality traits and types, we need only to look to some of the most famous fishes: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore. These chaps all wear their heart on their sleeve and are, weellll, maybe a lil' bit craycray.

Everyone loves having a Pisces pal because it's like having your own personal therapist. They just "get" how you feel, never judge, listen endlessly. They are a deep well of human emotion and act like they've seen it all before. Nothing shocks them. That said, they often end up crying more than you. Always tears with Pisceans.

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  7. The world is a cruel place for them. Like moths to a flame, Pisces all have an interest in the spiritual, mystical, even occult, side of life.

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    And, lucky them, they usually have a little psychic twinkle in-built at birth maybe that's where their great empathy emerges from. Your dad will always describe your Pisces pal as "the quirky one". Somehow it's like Pisceans don't really belong in the 21st century world, what with Tinder and FWB situations etc. They would prefer a more traditional age, being courted and wooed; one where our more base behaviours were perhaps easier hidden away For Pisces, out of sight is out of mind.

    They love to be in love, and don't like anything which shatters that rosy illusion and feeling. Like Neptune's magician, Pisces can conjure up distractions and illusions around their true opinions, loyalties and even identity. They go with the flow, they can morph into the crowd. Who the fuck is this person? The planets urge you to keep a low profile and steer clear of people who try to talk you into taking on extra commitments. You are doing more than enough already. You should always be careful what you say but as communications planet Mercury is now at odds with Jupiter it is doubly important that you engage your brain before firing up your vocals chords.

    Say the wrong thing and the roof could fall in!

    Someone will go out of their way to make a drama out of a situation that is nowhere close to being a crisis. You can play along if you like, for the fun of it, but your time and energy would be much better spent on more important things. Life is a lot of fun at the moment and nothing seems to faze you but don't get so caught up in day-to-day merriment that you fail to notice that big dark cloud that has appeared on the horizon. Start thinking about what challenges might lie ahead. You have enjoyed your time in the spotlight in recent weeks but over the next few days you need to focus on less glamorous matters.

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    Top of the agenda is to make sure your financial affairs are in good order. Chances are they could be better. You will interact with someone today whose ideas are very different to your ideas and the potential for conflict is great. But if you make an effort to really listen to what they have to say you may discover they know things that you need to know too. Because you are being kept in the dark you may be tempted to latch on to all sorts of outrageous rumours, but if you do you will end up even further away from the truth.

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    Please enter the form below, making the right selections for your birth day and click on the "calculate" button. The birth chart will show you some very important data which you should never forget. You are most likely to know your Sun sign already. The Sun sign is the most general information in your horoscope. However you should make special note of your ascendant Asc , also called rising sign. Never forget your rising sign as it give you more in-depth information about yourself.

    The Moon sign is also important as it reflects your emotions and intuitive side of your nature. In the Old Astrology, the Moon sign was a lot more important as the more general Sun sign.

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    If you like, you can take it one step further and calculate the astrological compatibility between yourself and another person. The birth chart program will compare your birth chart to the birth chart of your love and provide an in-depth analysis. When you read your zodiac horoscope in a newspaper or on the Internet, you should always read the predictions for your Sun sign AND your rising sign.